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Major Site Reorganisation

Well, I finally did it; in one sitting, I've re-worked both my web log and the static site. The larger articles, including all the short stories and most of the RPG stuff, have gone back over to the static pages - which have been re-named from Side-Projects to Showcase - and I've re-jigged the web log categories so they make more sense when applied to the journal-type entries rather than the full articles. Breaking News, formerly News & Musings, still takes the lion's share of the posts with just over a hundred and twenty by itself. The category page needs around thirty seconds to fully load!

I'm a little more comfy with how things are right now.

In related news, I'm trying to set up a wiki on the herstik.com webspace for the Lexicon idea I mentioned in the previous posting, but am having some trouble getting it to work properly. I've e-mailed Marcus about it, and hopefully he can figure out what's not working and why without too much trouble.

I wonder whether he's getting annoyed with my loading all these weird little apps up to the server...

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