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History's Written By The Winners

A while ago, I was an active member of the online fora, Robinson's Place and Jake's Bar. Since then, they've been rather neglected. Vickie and Peg have been trying to inject some new life into them for a while, and I figured it was about time I pulled my weight and added a suggestion of my own.

I've already made mention of The Toothpaste Disaster, the Lexicon game run by Allen Varney to drum up interest in/material for the upcoming new edition of Paranoia. I'd like to do something similar for the members of those boards - set up a Lexicon game as a way of kick-starting activity on the forums and getting us all writing with each other again.

I think the Lexicon idea is well suited to these fora; the membership consists mainly of SF / fantasy fans and (generally) amateur writers, and the collaborative nature of the Lexicon - not only do the players create entries in an encyclopaedia detailing a period of fictional history, they have to reference each other's entries in doing so - would allow for a great deal of interaction and literary play.

It's not gone beyond the proposal stage on either board, but I thought I'd get the word out; not only are some of the members on the IMAGinewS list, but we always welcome more members! Why not come on board as part of this fun activity?

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