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Everybody's Doing It

No no no, you dirty-minded Huns! Caption competitions! Everyone's doing caption competitions!

Okay, this one's not quite a caption competition, but it's close. Steve Jackson Games is working on a supplement to their Ninja Burger game, and Evil Stevie himself needs some help with a title. Enter, and if you submit the winning entry, you get free copies!

Oh, and speaking of caption competitions, the total of entries to the Halo 2 comp has gone up - to three! Ladies and Gentlemen of my reading public, I ask you, are you going to let these people walk away with a prize just for entering? You don't have to enter three captions, you know; one or two will do fine! You have just over a week left to go, so you'd better not let it slide, or else you might realise too late that the deadline, which is, I'll remind you, ten PM, Friday, December the Tenth, has slipped by!

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Well, I would have insisted you let non-Aussies enter the competitions too... but then I would have to come up with a cool caption, and my brain hurts enough as it is. :)

Whoo hoo!!! looks like one of my lame ass captions might win by defult.

Squeel Like a Piggy!

...Did I win yet?

Iffen my 3 entries are the best three, does that mean that I get all three prizes?