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Righteous Fury

The Penny Arcade lads are taking shots at the sequel to the recent Prince of Persia remake today. In his posting, Tycho pretty much explains why Vickie doesn't like my killing of Grunts (although she'd already done a pretty good job of explaining it herself):

"They've got these Raider guys that are essentially the Cannon Fodder of Time ... The problem with these guys is their voices, which are hilarious, and not grim. You can't feel tough when you cut these guys. Halo has those little grunts, and I guess I'm supposed to feel like a bad-ass when I destroy them but I actually just feel like an asshole. They both seem like races that just fell in with the wrong crowd. What they need are compelling after school activities, not death."

Well, I can sorta see what both Tycho and Vickie mean - but God-damnit, those little genocidal monsters should get themselves the heck out of the wrong crowd, or else they deserve the righteous Master Chief fury they've got coming to 'em!

You know, I think that's why I like violent video games. I'm not a great fan of righteousness in real life, it just gets in the way of rational thought. But hell, everyone gets righteous sooner or later, and I'd much prefer if I got righteous against a bunch of pixels instead of real people, even if I'd only be getting righteous with an attitude against said real people and not with a gun.

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Poor ickle grunts are only victims of circumstance. I'm glad that Tycho understands that too. It's nice to know I'm not on my own re Grunts.

Getting 'Righteous' sounds fine...all big and brave etc. It doesn't get you anywhere. You only end up as a target for someone else. Much better to get even.

Vickie (Founder of the Soc.for Protection of Grunts.)