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Post-Paranoid Delusions

Well, Saturday night’s Paranoia XP game went off pretty darned well. It was nice to have the lads over for One Last Game, although I was rather naughty in excluding Vickie through the choice of game (she’s not keen on a roleplaying game that takes backstabbing, betrayal and deceit as its core concepts; [she claims] she’s just not that kind of person). I just wanted to play The Game With My Name In It at least once.

I can’t quite claim that it went to Paranoia standard; we wound up calling on account of time rather than everyone’s clones being wiped out (although we had at least two players who were on their last clone). Although I was aiming for Classic, the game wound up very much in the Zap style. I think the guys enjoyed having a chance to pass notes and unleash their pent-up playing fury on each other.

As for me, although I think need to pick up on pacing control – I was hoping we’d get through the whole adventure, but instead we had to call it just before the big shootout/chase – I definitely had a good time encouraging the mayhem from behind my Wall of Fear and Ignorance – er, I mean GMing it. It was easy enough to just wing, although part of me would like to brush up on the rules a bit more.

Interestingly enough, no-one used their mutant powers and one, maybe two of them actively attempted to fulfill their secret society missions. On the other hand, they were more than willing to use their lasers; I think I should've been enforcing ammo restrictions a little more strictly. :-) I was also rather surprised at how few pre-game questions there were; I suppose half the players figured I wouldn't be tellign them anything important anyway! :-D

The main downside was that the nifty little red notepads I’d procured just hours before for the purposes of note-passing somehow managed to deposit some of their red dye onto the table, and (as Vickie discovered the next morning) even metho wouldn’t get the damned stuff entirely out. It’s a double-bugger, as we want to get rid of that table. (Speaking of which, might anyone be interested?) Still, I spent some time earlier that morning getting everything back in order (including shredding everyone’s character sheets – a little gimmick I’d love to actually use during a game sometime); Vickie was half expecting to get up in the morning and find a huge mess to clean up.

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