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A Solution to the Surround Sound Stumper?

Interestingly enough, it was a piece of comment spam that hipped me to the little gadget that could be the solution to my surround sound problem. I had around five spams to clean off the web log this evening, and one was entitled "Creative Labs Creative DDTS-100 Decoder". My interest was immediately piqued. If anyone would have an unamplified digital decoder, I figure it would have to be Creative, makers of sound cards and PC surround sound speakers (which are also powered by an amp in the subwoofer).

I cleaned off the comment spam, but immediately went to Creative's web page and started browsing. Sure enough, the dingus exists, and if the online PDF manual is any indication (which it jolly well should be), it does look as though it will accept digital input from several sources and output it to unamplified 5.1.

A few Australian web retailers sell the gadget at around $300-350, which is still $150-200 cheaper than the lowest commercial hi-fi amplifier/receiver/decoder.

So, yeah, Boots: Any chance yould order me one of these with the Netgear wireless bridge after Christmas, mate? Buddy? Pal? Absolutely awesome, y' know, righteous dude? (Is this enough sucking up? I can always provide more...)

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