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The Other War Of The Worlds Movies

Well, this is intersting! Back in 2001, a small UK film studio named Pendragon Pictures was working on a War of the Worlds film, doing a modern-day adaptation like the Cruise/Spielberg one. After 9/11, though, they decided to re-vamp the production to be more faithful to the original novel.

When Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg announced their War of the Worlds project, I assumed that the Pendragon Pictures venture woulld probably have quietly faded away, especially as there was nothing new on their website on it. Not so, as it turns out - principal photography has wrapped on H. G. Wells' The War of the Worlds, and they're expecting to have an FX-inclusive trailer later this month.

I was hoping that one or the other would have Jeff Wayne's soundtrack - but now it looks as though neither will, because Jeff's working on his own bloody movie, entirely computer generated and also set in Victorian England.

Plus, his Musical will be remixed by Sony in 5.1 for re-release and, it would seem, presented in an Interactive Theatre Experience!

They must be invading! I mean it! It's sorta like what New Jersey said: it's the ultimate cover!

UPDATE 23 March 2005: It seems that my original surmise that Pendragon is a UK firm may be incorrect. One of the guys over on the RPGnet forums did some digging, and it seems Pendragon was incorporated in Seattle.

Still, I do have to give Pendragon and Hines a nod for setting (and filming) their porduction in the UK, with a British cast.

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