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Halo 2 Caption Comp Winners!

Ladies and genlemen, after careful deliberation over the entries received, the Judges are glad to announce the winners of the IMAGinES Halo 2 Caption Competition!

Our winner is Sim "SimLauren" Lauren, with the first place entry:

Sleep? - you need to EARN sleep! - Pick that controller back up!

SimLauren has won the Halo 2 Series 1 Warthog!

In second place is Jake "EvilHayama" Surman, with:

Halo 2 will have to wait till I finish this dancing game, sorry. Woo! Get down!

EvilHayama has won the Halo 2 Original Soundtrack, Volume One!

And coming in third is Richard "Rantinan" Winters, with:

Put down the controller and back away.  Let a professional show you how it's done.

Rantinan has won Our Personal Collection of Spider Robinson Novels!

The winners will be contacted privately to organise pickup/delivery.

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I rock!
... still liked the housework one better...

Can I press you to post all the entries?

Jolly good show! The Master Chief would be proud!