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The Quick Tour of Sydney

Morning all! How's your Easter Long Weekend been so far? Got your Easter eggs yet?

We're having a bit of a relax before we head off to Taronga Zoo. It looks like it's going to be a nice day out; the forecast is for sun, so it should be very pleasant.

There's still talk of late showers during the week, but it looks like it might clear up by Wednesday - I hope so, as we're going to have to get to the show next Thursday. Turns out Thursday's the last day, not Friday as we thought. Vickie and I are going to have to try and re-jig our work schedules - I doubt I'll have much trouble, but Vickie has to switch shifts with someone.

The trip to the city was nice yesterday; Brook wasn't particularly interested in the landmarks a great deal, and did a little nit-picking (the Harbour Bridge is an ugly grey, it should be painted white; the Opera House is too dirty on the inside of the shell, and the brown window-tinting is ugly, not to mention the restaurant's interior decor and green carpet). We spent a fair bit of time at the Rocks Markets and the bead-shop in the Metcalfe Arcade, then took in lunch at the Swagman's Post and wandered over to Darling Harbour via the Opera House and the Monorail. On the way, we learned something that could've made Brook's visit easier had someone thought to tell us beforehand - she likes museums. Sydney is literally packed with museums, and we could've taken Brook to half of them instead of sitting in and waiting for the rain to pass, but we didn't know! We even tried to call Brook's mum and ask her what Brook liked to do, but she'd changed phone numbers and - guess what - hadn't told us. So we couldn't reach her before Brook arrived.

Oh, well. At least we know for next time. (And next time we might actually have some money to spend on trips and outings.)

After that, it was a quick trip on the tram from Darling Harbour to Central - flat-panel TVs have been put in the trams now, a move I'm not particularly fond of; the additional aural interference isn't exactly pleasant if you're just trying to enjoy the ride - and then back home to get ready for the Cazman's party at his place. It was nice seeing him and Linda again, and we got to catch up with EvilHayama and Pirotess, which is always nice. As Brook and I had attacked the leftover pizza from Friday night, we ate sparingly (Brook actually didn't have anything).

Brook and I did go and see 50 First Dates on Friday, and there's definitely a review coming, but let me tell you two things right now: (a) it's not your typical Adam Sandler movie - I think it outdoes even The Wedding Singer, although personally, that's not too hard an ask - and (b) I'm taking Vickie to see it as soon as I can. Yep, I enjoyed it that much.

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