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Brook's Visit, Week 1

I'd like to start this post with the obligatory linkage. You've probably seen one of those "All I Ever Need To Know, I Learned From..." lists at one point or another. Allen Varney, game designer and main contact point for the development of Paranoia XP, has one of his own, "All I Ever Need To Know, I Learned From Roleplaying Games". Yes, Gav, I'm fully aware of John Kovalic's one; I find Allen's a little more poignant and broadly appealing.

It's been almost a week since Brook arrived, and we've already had to cancel a couple of our plans for her, as I mentioned in Sunday's post. I've switched my day of annual leave to the coming Friday; with any luck, the weather should be fine for a trip to the Easter Show then.

In the meantime, Brook's spent the majority of her time here watching evening soapies, Popstars (she's voting for Don) and our DVDs; not exactly the Sydney holiday experience we were hoping to give her, but Brook doesn't seem to mind. Although Brook's quite intelligent, she has the tastes of the fifteen-year-old girl she is, so it's safe to say she wouldn't be particularly interested in a game session - heck, she reckons all computer and video games are boring, even The Sims (so between the weather and Brook, around eighty percent of our ideas for entertaining Brook while Vickie was out at work have been scotched). She's not too fond of SF either, but will watch it if nothing else is avaiable.

Vickie's working a day-shift today, so after dropping her off at work, Brook and I are going to catch 50 First Dates. I'll confess, I'm not the world's biggest Adam Sandler fan; Happy Gilmore was only intermittently funny (not helped by watching it with someone who'd already seen it and kept saying Sandler's good lines a second before Sandler) and Billy Madison, Big Daddy and The Waterboy haven't even made my "Might Rent" list. However, The Wedding Singer was quite enjoyable, and (a) it looks as though Sandler's not playing a thug or a dumb-arse and (b) Drew Barrymore's back as well, so it might be fun. I'll be sure to write a review up.

Tomorrow, we're making another trip into the city, after which we have a friend's birthday party in the evening. On Sunday we're taking Brook to Taronga Zoo (she immediately chose it over going to Manly; she hates the beach). I have the feeling Brook might find it a little underwhelming compared to Melbourne, but it should be a good day out anyway.

Gotta go; Brook's just put Alien in the DVD player! Woohoo!

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