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The Beat Goes Ever On And On

After a hiatus of at least eight months, the Steely Dan tribute band known as the Bodacious Cowboys (after a lyric from the song "Gaucho") are once again playing the Basement on the fifteenth of May. Needless to say, Vickie and I have tickets for dinner and show, and as I get paid the day before, I might even be able to splash out on a good bottle of vino.

On a general news front, I'd like to direct you all to SimLauren's new LiveJournal, Simulated, where she's already committed excessive acts of postage. All I can say is this: "Hi Loz! Fun, innit?" :-D

Making a smooth segue to gaming, Dream Pod 9 have announced their Book and Miniature Release Schedule for the year. I think I've finally discoverd a must-buy Third Edition product: what they call the "Storyline/Black Talon Companion", due Winter (our Summer) 2004. Only seven or eight months to wait...

While you're there, I must direct you to this lovely image of a painted Vortex-class Landcarrier miniature. Is that not cool? I want one...

And finally, to bookend this posting with references to the header (the Bodacious Cowboys used to be known as The Beat Goes On, while they were still doing a combined Dan and Toto tribute), I'm sure there are some of you out there who will be pleased to learn that I finally finished J. R. R. Tolkien's mammoth work, The Lord of the Rings, today. Yes, I liked it. While I don't think I could do a Christopher Lee and slog my way through it once a year, I have to read through it again a few times at least. And, frankly, reading it takes little away from the movies - in fact, I appreciate the differences in format better now than before. Worth reading? Yes. Would I recommend it? You betcha.

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