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Mo' Linkage and a Campaign Idea

It looks as though my commenting over on The 20' By 20' Room hasn't gone unnoticed - if you check out the Blogs By Gamers link list down the left hand side, you'll see IMAGinES there!

While you're there, might I direct you to their newest posting? It's about starting a campaign off with a one-shot mission. The idea is, you hand out pre-generated, disposable characters and run what amonts to a prequel session, ideally setting up events to be used in the actual campaign. It gives everyone a chance to get used to the world and the system (especially its level of lethality), and as none of the characters aren't going to be around for the actual campaign (well, not as PCs, anyway), there's little angst if they get killed off during the session. In fact, the idea is that by the end of the one-shot session, every PC should be dead, preferably horribly.

I think it's something that could work well for Black Talon, even though the campaign has already started. I'll expand the thought in the GM & Player Notes section of the BT website.

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