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Yet Another Redevelopment Binge

We picked Brook up from the Central coach terminus yesterday; the bus was running late, so we nipped off for a coffee and some food, and when we got back, Brook had arrived and had been waiting for five minutes!

We were planning to take her into the city today, but the rain that moved in on us overnight pretty much put paid to that. It�s also largely scotched our plan to go into the Show tomorrow (although I hold out hope that it�ll somehow fine up, the weather forecast says showers), so instead I�ll be going into work; I�ll see if I can get that day of annual leave moved to Friday the 16th. At least I�ll be paid by then, so we can have a good day out with Brook.

I�ve been thinking of re-jigging the site again. If there�s one thing that bothers me, it�s that the News & Musings section is huge � the category page takes full minutes to load � while everything else seems minimal. That's been bothering me for a while. The Editorials, FAQ, Reviews and About IMAGinES sections would still work as part ofthe blog, but I�m getting the feeling that the Short Stories and the full article content of the RPG Stuff section should really be shifted back to my BigPond webspace. They just don�t get updated that often to warrant them being part of the blog, and when they are updated, it�s with developed material that takes longer to write than the average blog post.

Once that�s done, I can split the News & Musings section out into more valid blogging categories: RPG Stuff could be the container for the RPG news/linkage posts and meanderings on our current campaigns that I put up; News and Musings could be broken into two separate categories, keeping News for the day-to-day updates on what�s happened and what�s going to happen and using Musings for the small ruminations that aren�t big or developed enough to be full-fledged Editorials; and I coudl even add a category for posts like this, containing thoughts on the blog itself and various plans to redevelop it.

The good bit is, I have fairly recent versions of the old IMAGinES site with most of the older content on backup discs; restoring them and adding the newer items, like those optional rules I did for Dan Bayn�s Wushu Guide to The Matrix, shouldn�t take much time.

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