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Group Paranoia In Amber

Few new things on the roleplaying front:

  • I'm tempted to say it's yet another RPG Resurrection, except it's more a revitalisation; the game's never really gone out of print, it's just sort of faded into obscurity a bit. I'm pretty sure there are a few Amberites on this list, and after reading the positive comments that the posters over in The 20' by 20' Room kept making about the Amber Diceless RPG (based on Roger Zelazny's Nine Princes in Amber novels), I was tempted to get a copy myself. However, publisher Phage Press (owned by the RPG's author, Erick Wujcik) is planning to transfer its Amber Diceless publishing operations to Guardians of Order, home of the Tri-Stat system, the Big Eyes, Small Mouth RPG and Silver Age Sentinels. GoO prez Mark MacKinnon plans a second edition and has mooted various options, including D20 support alongside the original diceless rules (which are a firm lock for the 2nd edition).
  • Back to the actual resurrection: Things are bubbling along on the Paranoia XP front. Developer Allen Varney has started off an interesting little correspondence roleplay project called "The Toothpaste Disaster" as a way of generating content, garnering interest in the line and scouting for new writing talent. It follows Neel Krishnaswami's Lexicon format, which I'd be tempted to emulate if not for what appear to be steep technical requirements (i.e. implementing a PHP application on your webspace). Several High Programmers (played by various luminaries and not-so-luminaries of the online gaming world) have gathered to compile a report on the Toothpaste Disaster, which rocked each of their respective sectors; they're only just finishing up the As and Bs, but what they have so far is hilariously skewed, especially if you have any familiarity with Paranoia.
  • Finally, Gav's plot plans encompassed some potentially strong character moments for Trent's PC, and with Trent unavailable, Gav suggested taking a raincheck on Friday night's Star Wars session. With Brook arriving the day after, Vickie and I have leapt on the suggestion as an opportunity to take a post-work breather before all hell breaks loose. This gives me a little more time to ponder Gav's campaign questions; it's an interesting taste-of-my-own-medicine experience, as I've been nagging my Black Talon players for suggestions and plot ideas for ages. The least I can do is give Gav a considered reply...
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