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Isn't It Always The Way?

Here I was, planning to put an April Fool's gag up on the IMAGinES site, only to discover that Marcus' server was down. I e-mailed Marcus, but in the hope of getting the site back up so I could post something before the traditional midday deadline for pranks I tried to call him also. Unfortunately, his mobile was off and no one answered his home phone. (Sheesh, Marcus, what sort of personal secretary is Nell if she doesn't keep regular office hours?) And wouldn't you know it: when I checked at quarter past twelve, the site's back up.

Oh, well. There's always next year.

Speaking of the site, I've been doing a little looking around at solutions to the comment-spam problem Vickie and I have been having lately. I must confess, I've not been looking too hard, as Six Apart are working on options for Movable Type Version 3.0 (no mention of a final release date, but they're about to release a beta test version) and I'd prefer nto to put a third-part applet in that ends up conflicting with the new version.

Six Apart's main thrust is TypeKey, a universal blog-comment sign-in hosted on one of their servers. It reads interestingly, and I reckon I'll include support when it rolls out, but I'd also like legitimate commenters to be able to add their thoughts without having to go to another site and step through the "your user-ID is already taken, please enter a different one or select one of the options below" process we're all familiar with whenever we go somewhere new that has cool stuff on the other side of a login text box. You know what a pain in the clacker that can be, right?

(An aside: Someone once told me that, to some, "clacker" meant a woman's front-bottom rather than the meaning I thought it had, i.e. the gender-neutral rear-bottom. So ladies, please don't be offended - well, no more than you would if I were making a colloquial reference to the anus. Which I was.)

This merits some serious study (anti-comment-spam devices, not anuses), but I have a lot of rented DVDs to watch before they go back on Saturday, and Brook's going to keep us both hopping for the next couple of weeks (oh, yeah, and the guys are going to be charging over for Star Wars Episode II - ahem, I mean Sesssion 2, tomorrow night), so you can expect an update on this hot issue sometime near the end of the month - and a bit more comment-spam in the meantime.

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