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Bubblegum Wars

(sigh) Once again, I've let the website go entry-less for a week (not counting that place-holder Obligatory Web Quiz bit). Not good.

It's going to be an intense little week for roleplaying. Sunday gone, we piled over Dan's place for the kick-off session of Bubblegum Crisis. It was fun revisiting the character of Slamdance again - and this time actually playing him rather than writing him! Just as interesting were some of the character choices everyone else had - Boots played to type with a dopey martinet of a Major (in powered armour) with Gav as a long-suffering Sergeant of MARS, Sydney's own version of the AD Police. Vickie is Utopia Jones, the token Hardsuit Babe; Dizzy (a.k.a. John, one of the two new players to the Black Talon team) was a rather frazzled Private Detective, and Mad John (a.k.a. John the Mad Norwegian), stayed true to form when creating a character for a high-tech, near future anime campaign - he made up Sir John, a Knight from the Days of the Magna Carta who has no idea how the hell he got to 2033 A.D. Sydney.

As we were a little rushed for time, we went character sheet-less. Dan ran the whole thing as a party-meet-up session, allowing us to chat and setting up the team structure; it looks as through we're going to be a semi-official "flying-squad" within MARS, with extra budget from the government and other interested parties (including Dick Smith himself). The next session will probably be in April, but in the meantime, Dan wants to put campaign updates and session summaries up on the Sydney 2033 website (even more incentive to get the damned thing working properly again). I'll be talking with him about how he wants to do it soon.

Friday night is the next session for Gav's Star Wars game. Unfortunately, Trent can't make it, but Boots, Dan, Vickie and I should still be able to make things interesting for him. ;-) Vickie and I still need to work out how she's spending her skill points from levelling up after last session; I think we'll be putting them into her Force skills so she can Cloud Men's Minds like she wants her character, the Bothan Drema Awa'k, to be able to.

I've been prevaricating on the Heavy Gear front, mainly as we have so much coming up in the next couple of weeks, Brook's visit notwithstanding - on the day she heads back to Melbourne, we're off to a friend's housewarming. Thankfully the rest of the month is clear, so I might have to ask whether anyone's available for a date then.

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