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Merry Halo Day Ė er, Christmas 2004 Everyone!

I know Iím a few days late on this Ė I offer stress and Christmas busy-ness as an excuse Ė but Iíd just like to wish everyone here a Merry Christmas. I hope your day was smooth, easy and fun-filled. The New Yearís Best Wishes will be delivered on time!

We spent most of our Christmas Day at Dadís place, braving the Family one last time. There was an unavoidable tension in the air unfortunately: it was the first Christmas since Mum died, and she loved this time of the year. Dad was, of course, really feeling it, which meant that he got inebriated and took some pot-shots at me again, but I wore them as best I could. Iím not always good with other peopleís pain, especially when the relationship is as strained as mineís been with my family since Vickie and I moved in together, so I didnít handle some things as well as I could have. But, we managed to leave in the evening on fairly good terms.

With the Christmas Party out of the way, Vickie and I have been frantically packing the joint up. We reckon itís easier to get as much done as possible, as early as possible, so weíre not running around like chooks trying to get the entire house packed away with but a few days before the removalistís van turns up.

Iíve had a few people asking me what I intend to do work-wise in Cairns. My usual response has been, ďIím keeping myself open to new things, but ideally something I enjoy and pays enough to keep Vickie and I in comfort.Ē Thatís my guideline, but itís comfortably non-committal and non-specific. I can tell you that Iíd prefer to avoid IT support Ė I did that for a year or so when I was working for Advantra and it drove me nuts.

One thing Iíve been thinking about over the past few days, though, is teaching at TAFE. I have a firm grasp on setting a PC up and the Microsoft Office suite, so I might see whether there are opportunities teaching entry-level computing.

In the meantime, I have my name with a few Cairns agencies, whoíve told me that they canít do much for me until Iím available for interviews.

And yes, I did get Halo 2 for Christmas. Yes, itís fun. I had a nasty bout of insomnia last night (which is why Iím off sick today), so I wound up polishing off the single-player campaign on Normal difficulty. Iím fighting the temptation to go back in and play through it again; its eye-candy is as good as Chronicles of Riddick. If Iím lucky, I may even be able to talk Vickie into playing co-operatively with me!

Xbox Live is definitely a tempting prospect, but itís going to wait until after we get to Cairns, I get myself a job and we establish a regular budget.

Vickie just asked me what I was doing, and I replied with ďIím writing a post of my own.Ē Sort of an odd answer, eh? As Vickie pointed out, who else would I be writing for?

Thatís an evil thought Ė ghost-writing for a blog.

I wonder how much it pays?

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