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Closed for Holidays

If you've been to our place on a regular basis, you probably know about the Normanhurst Pizza Cafe and the bloody wonderful pizza they make. God knows I've mentioned them enough times on this web log.

Vickie and I were hoping to have one last get-together feast there before we left for Cairns, both for the people who couldn't make our Christmas party and everyone else we like. Unfortunately, though, they're closed until January the 24th, fully three days after Vickie and I commence our move North.

Let me just say that Joe, Helen and the crew of the Cafe all deserve all the holiday they can get. It's just a bugger for us greedy bastards, is all.

So where else can we drag everyone to?

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Mackers? *g*

No no, Peg: It's "Macca's".

Is still the chinese upstairs at Thornleigh? It's pretty good...
(well used to be in um... 1996, when I last went there)

You're talking aobut the one in the small restaurant/shopping complex that has the Video Ezy in it, right? If so, yes, there are still a few Chinese/Asian places there.