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Christmas Party 2004 Photos

Today I finally got around to processing the photos I took at the party Vickie and I held the week before Christmas, making these photos a few weeks overdue.

  • Mid-Evening
    From left to right: John Osterberg, Tara, Jason, Andrew Hilton, Gav, Pirotess, EvilHayama
  • On the Porch
    From left to right: Jason, Sim, John Osterberg
  • Mandi On the Porch
  • Tall Tales by Lamplight
    From left to right: Pirotess, EvilHayama, Gav, Andrew Hilton, Tara
  • Late Evening
    From left to right: Jason (half-visible), EvilHayama (almost invisible), Sim, Pirotess, Gav, Tara, Mandi, John Osterberg, Master Chief

Unfortunately, in an extreme bout of slack-bastarditis, especailly considering that this was pretty much the last time we'll have that gang together at our place the last time, I didn't get any group "Everyone say Cheese!" shots. My apologies to everyone who didn't get their face in a photo.

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