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My Long Lost Fae Brother?

I ran into a friend at work today. She told me that she'd recently been to America, and paid a visit to Walt Disney World while she was there. She reckons she saw a Disney character who was the spitting image of me. (No, not Goofy!) She even took some photos, and forwarded a couple on to me.

So in the spirit of hard-hitting, investigative journalism (and just so Boots and Rog don't feel singled out), this website must ask:

Is Rob the long lost brother of Peter Pan? He Can Fly, But I Can't

(Yes, the pic of me is about three years old. I thought the comparison would work better.)

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You realise, this is the reason you manage to slope off and play games, don't you?
If you start having conversations with Tinkerbell, watch out!


Did you mother go to some disreputable fertility clinic in the US before she had you? Maybe they saved an egg or two... you'd better let Fox Mulder handle this. There could be more clones!!

Now might be the time to fess that I stole your DNA three years ago and sold it on the internet.

Ahh... sorry?

Three questions:

1) How come I don't remember it?
2) Did we have fun?
3) How did you prevent Vickie finding out?

1)Um, I don't know... really... *carefully slides bottle with indeterminate yet ominous looking contents to the back of the shelf*

2)Well _I_ had fun...

3)We have some very interesting machines here in the society... very interesting...

tinkerbell is sooooo pretty.. you should snatch her for yourself Vicki...

or be nice and give her on over to Mandi..

give it on over.. go on.. please....

Promise I'll be gooood.....