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Last Sydney Party at the New Orleans Cafe

Well, in a dual celebration of my attaining that glorious state known as Unemployment and our last Saturday in Sydney, Vickie and I invited some friends to dinner with us at the New Orleans Cafe last night. The food was fantastic (try their cajun cheese burger with the guacamole and bacon sometime, you won't regret it).

As is our habit nowadays, we took the digital camera along, and here you will see the results:

Last night was a fun occasion, yet bittersweet. That's pretty much the last time we'll be seeing our friends for a while. We don't expect to be back in Sydney for some time (our pay will be going on renovations and other measures aimed at making our home in Gordonvale a home again before we start thinking aobut trips South), and a holiday to Cairns can be pretty darned expensive.

Still, we've made sure our friends know they have a room with us.

Although how we'd fit them all in there is beyond me...

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Have you never heard of camp beds darling?
I'm sure we could fit them all into the lounge area.


Best of luck with move, looks like Saturday night was a blast.

Fingers crossed you've dotted the I's and crossed the T's, and everything is smooth sailing. Send me you new address please.

Pommie Rog