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Moving In: TrackBack Spam

Since we got our PCs up and running after moving in, Iíve been clearing out heaps of TrackBack pings from Vickieís website. Theyíve all been spam of the usual kind, whether help with poker or supposed help to poke her, if you get my drift. I had the feeling a few months ago that sooner or later the comment-spammers would get around to hitting trackbacks; Iím just sorry they did so while we were away from our PCs for a while.

Iím lucky that TrackBacks arenít working on my site for the moment. I think I managed to stuff up my siteís TrackBack PERL script, and Iím thinking of upgrading to Movable Type 3 as a possible fix; Iíd prefer my site was working 100%, even if I closed some of its features off.

What it's meant for Vickie, though, is that I've disabled TrackBack pings for all of her posts, and switched off TrackBack ping availability on new posts. I don't think she's ever had a legitimate ping from anyone bar myself, but it's disappointing.

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