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Moving In: The New Kitchen

One of the things that happened to our Gordonvale place while we were living in Sydney was the near-wrecking of a kitchen thanks to a burst water line outside the house. It wouldn’t have been a problem had the tenants closed the kitchen window before going out as standard rent conditions specify; because they didn’t, the water came gushing through the kitchen window and saturated all the chipboard cupboards and worktops.

Thankfully, we’ve got a cheque from the insurance form for the damage, and we’ve spoken to the cabinetmaker who provided the company with a quote. For an extra two grand, he’ll re-design the kitchen instead of just restoring it to its prior condition, so we’ll be getting new cupboards and a decent pantry. We’ve chosen colours and handles, and he’ll be coming over on Wednesday to knock the old fittings out and install the new ones.

In preparation, we’ve been taking all of the old wallpaper off the walls. The glue-paper between the wallpaper and the walls has been giving us a little grief, but thankfully, we’ve discovered a fairly easy way to get it off the wall that involves a paint-scraper and a spray bottle of water. We’re also planning to tackle the dining room, but that’s not quite as high a priority.

We’ve also taken off most of the wallpaper covering the front wall of our living room as well; we’re planning to give the kitchen and living room a new coat of paint (the kitchen will be white, while the living room will be some form of beige, I think).

Other renovation plans including installing a decent wall between the master bedroom’s walk-in wardrobe and the computer room (the current divider is just a flimsy sheet of wood).

I know several of you have been asking for photos of the current place. I'll take a couple of the front tomorrow morning, once I've had at the front lawn with the whipper-snipper. I think Vickie would probably kill me if I tried taking photos of anything inside before we renovate!

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