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Moving In: The Great Job Hunt

After a week or two of settling in, I started looking for a job in earnest. One of the major local papers, the Cairns Post, includes Career Oneís job listings for the area, and Iíd been perusing the Career One website since before we left. Iíd tried applying for a traineeship at the Cairns Courthouse, but didnít hear back, so two Tuesdays ago I went for an interview at one of the local corporate recruiting firms. My big goal at the moment is to get something similar to the administrative work I was doing at EDS, but it looks as though thatís not likely at the moment, as Precruitment hasnít called me since the interview (I did make a follow-up call myself last Tuesday and will again the day after tomorrow).

A day after my Precruitment interview, I got a phone call from the Courthouse; it turns out that, while I didnít make it to their short-list for the traineeships, I was being considered for some temp work. I went in for an interview two Thursdays ago; things seemed to go well and I was told theyíd be making their decision this Friday gone. Iíve not heard, so it looks like I missed out there, but weíll see.

Speaking of this Friday gone, I also went for an interview at another employment firm. I went in, handed in my resume and was given some forms to fill out, and as soon as I was done, I was told one of their officers had a temporary job they reckoned Iíd be a good fit for! We spoke about it; itís call centre work, but it pays well, and itís a foot in the door of an organisation, not to mention local experience. The officer said she should get back to me on Monday, and if things went well, Iíd have an interview on Wednesday and with any luck be working by Monday week!

There are also a couple of TAFE jobs that look very interesting, one of which looks to be a good fit for my skills and pays pretty darned well. I have to phone them up about the position, and will do so tomorrow. Hereís hopingÖ

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