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Moving In: The Local Dice-Rollers

Things are also looking up on the gaming front, as well. A few days before the move, Gav handed me $20 for the purposes of buying alcohol for a fellow member of the RPGnet forums, Scott Lette. Gav had wanted to run a Conan roleplaying game module at a local con this year, but didnít have time to write one; Scott bailed him out with one heíd written earlier. We had Scott over for a steak lunch Sunday week ago, and I gave him two six-packs of Hahn Premium that Iíd procured with Gavís $20. Scottís a gamer, but heís also writing a few works at the moment, and will be heading out of state soon on a writerís retreat, so heís not after any serious campaigning at the moment.

Before we moved up, I established the Cairns Roleplayers Meetup Group in the hope of attracting any local gamers, and after I got our computers back up and running, I discovered that I had two members! Our first meeting was this Thursday gone at the Green Ant Cantina, and it was pretty good. We met three new gamers; partners Margot Medek and Paul Storm, who enjoy White Wolfís World of Darkness game lines, plus their friend Sean, whom I think is doing a bit of Cyberpunk at the moment. Scott also came along, and we got some good tips on finding gamers from all four (you can find a group photo at the Meetup Groupís web site), including trying our luck at James Cook Universityís local campus. I was hoping to try the nachos that Margot recommended, but Vickie and I were the only ones to eat from the big bowl of chips we ordered, so we went home full anyway.

Iíll probably wait until the job situation is bedded down a bit before seriously looking at getting a regular gaming group together, but itís nice to know there are some local gamers willing to get together regularly!

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