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Moving In: Here's to Karl

At the end of all this, if thereís one person I absolutely have to give props to (aside from my love and wife Vickie, of course, for all her hard work in getting me to help her get the place in order), itís Karl. I will admit, Iíve always been intimidated by Vickieís son. Heís three years older than I am, a wiry little bugger, very down-to-earth and good with his hands. Sometimes I envy the relationship he and his mum have; theyíre both very down-to-earth and practical people, they both love tools and hard work and they both trade well-meant, humorous barbs with ease, something I simply have no idea how to do. From the first, heís been more than willing to help get this place back in order, and has been pretty patient with me as I try to keep up. A more solid cat youíll never find, even if Iím still not quite entirely comfortable around him.

I guess challenges come in all forms, eh?

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