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First Cairns Job!

Newsflash: Tomorrow morning, I'll be going into the Centrelink Cairns call centre to start two months (two weeks' training, six weeks' work) as an enquiries call centre operator. From what I've been told, it's eight until four, five days a week, at around $20 an hour (including tax, I think).

If it doesn't lead to something permanent, it's definitely a local job for my resume! Thanks to Leanne at CHR for getting me the work!

Oh crap - I have to get up at six AM again, don't I?

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"Oh crap - I have to get up at six AM again, don't I?"

Yes dear. I hardly get to lay in either...tomorrow Laurence (cabinet maker)rips out the old kitchen.


Poor baby. You have to get up before breakfasst.

*lol* If I didn't think that rather funny, I'd offer you some sympathy.

On the plus side, you probably know a some of what they're going to teach you, so you can gt a couple of 'eyes-open' catnaps.