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The Usual Suspects

Monday, 8.30 PM: Law & Order
Monday, 9.30 PM: Crossing Jordan
Tuesday, 8.30 PM: CSI
Tuesday, 9.30 PM: CSI: NY
Wednesday, 8.30 PM: CSI: Miami
Wednesday, 9.30 PM: Without A Trace (taped)
Thursday, 8.30 PM: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Friday, 8.30 PM: Blue Murder
Friday, 9.30 PM: Dalziel & Pascoe
Saturday, 8.30 PM: The Bill
Sunday, 8.30 PM: Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Sunday, 9.30 PM: NCIS

Sometimes I wonder how my wife does it.

I just consider myself lucky that she allows me to tape Without A Trace in favour of watching Battlestar Galactica...

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Do I say anything when you spend hours playing computer games or with your X-Box? Nope, nary a word!
I'd be careful if I were you!

I still love you though.


Oh & BTW...I just had this wonderfilled revelation; My husband prefers being with a bunch of Trolls and following their shinnanigins than taking his wife out. I wonder how you're going to wriggle out of that one boyo!


Gnomes, actually. :-D

Or is that Orks?

See? You don't let me share anything!