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Well, duh.

Finally figured out what was wrong with my copy of Trillian. See, the main Contact List window disappeared a few months ago. My PC was acting as if it was on-screen somewhere - but it wasn't, aside from on the taskbar, and even when I used its taskbar icon to minimise and maximise it, it still wouldn't show up. I tried uninstalling and re-installing, to no avail. I wound up switching back to using the ICQ and Microsoft Messenger clients separately, until the latest version of Trillian came out. Hoping that would fix my problems, I tried installing it. No luck; same problem.

Then the lightbulb went off a couple of days ago. I right-clicked on the taskbar icon again, and this time, selected "Move". Sure enough, the cursor turned into the four-pointed Move arrow... and leapt over to the top right-hand corner of the screen. I tried dragging the arrow back to the centre, but the only thing that would move was the arrow.

So: My contact list was somewhere off the screen, and I had no obvious means of getting it back into the main view. I tried futzing around with my video settings for a while - my Radeon 9700 Pro can support two monitors, and I thought that might have something to do with it - but no joy there. Then I turned to the Windows Help Feature, something that I have almost always found to be no help whatsoever. It was true to form again.

In frustration, I went to Microsoft's Windows XP Support Centre and queried its database. I finally found an entry that explains that if you tell a window to Move, then place the four-pointed Move arrow in the centre of the screen with your mouse, the arrow keys will move the active window around. I tried it. It worked.

So now I can see who's online again - and actually IM them! Thank God!

So yeah, if you see me online and I'm not away and I don't say hello, it's not because of a technical fault anymore. I'm just ignoring you.


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