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Tropical Cyclone Warning: Ingrid

For the past couple of days, we've had a tropical cyclone haging around off our coast. The Bureau of Meteorology has christened her Tropical Cyclone Ingrid, and she's pretty much my first experience of living in Cyclone Country.

I don't know where she was born, but Ingrid was raised in the ocean around the Cooktown area, and since then she's been slowly making her way south. Right now, the coast north of us from Lockhart River to Port Douglas is on cyclone warning, and the watch region was all the way down to Innisfail (Cairns is pretty much smack in the middle of Port Douglas and Innisfail) until not long ago. Ingrid is heading southwest at around 8km/hr, so it seems likely that if she hits, she'll keep going inland.

Of course, the main thing long years of cyclone watch has taught Far North Queenslanders is that cyclones are damned unpredictable. So Vickie asked me to stop on the way home and bought some supplies; bateries, tape for the windows, bottles of water, that sort of thing. We're pretty much set, and from the looks of the business the local supermarket was doing this evening, so is half of Gordonvale. We're also keeping an eye on the Bureau's Queensland Cyclone page and an ear on the radio for updates.

[UPDATE 7AM 9 Feb:] According to the Bureau website, the warning area has shrunk; it now extends only as far south as Cape Tribulation (north of Port Douglas). Ingrid has also reduced in severity; she's back down to a Category 4.

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