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So this is what they call "rain", eh?

I'm writing this at the Cairns Centrelink call centre, between calls. It's twenty past three in the afternoon, and although it's been raining almost constantly all day, right now there's this muted roar coming from the roof. We've had rain noise from the roof before, but no more than a rumble. Now, though, it's as if someone moved the call centre underneath Niagra Falls when we weren't looking. Hell, it sounds like a full house at Wembley up there, all applauding.

Coming from the UK, and then Sydney, it's damned hard to conceive that there can be enough rainfall to make that kind of noise. And the call centre is no tin shack, either - it was built barely two and a half years ago, as close to state of the art as these places get. We've got ducts, cable-runs and insulation probably doing double duty as sound-proofing between the roof and the ceiling.

How the hell does so much water get up there in the first place?

(I suppose the answer is: A cyclone.)

No wonder people in tropical latitudes reckon the rest of the world has no idea what rain is...

3.30: And all of a sudden, it's stopped.

3.55: And it's back again! And gone again in a minute!

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LOL...that was just a "sun" shower. (just kidding)
You wait until it's so loud that we can be facing each other and have to shout to make ourselves heard. There is nothing quite like the sound of a tropical deluge on a corrugated iron roof...especially when we don't have insulation in ours! LOL