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And a Face for it, Too!

Since I started The New Job, I’ve had several people tell me that I have a voice for radio. There doesn’t seem to be a day at the call centre when I answer an incoming call with “Thank you for waiting. This is Rob. How can I help you?” and there’s at least a second’s pause, followed by an “Oh, I’m actually speaking to a person?” There was even one caller early this week (or was it last week?) that stayed this far from believing I was a real person and not a sophisticated voice response system for at least a minute.

Which is a worry, I think…

Anyway, one of my colleagues suggested I get in touch with a local talent agency. I sent off a tentative e-mail almost a month ago, and got a response within a day or two. Between work and business at home, I’ve been too busy to follow it up with a response, but Vickie and I composed an e-mail this evening and got it on its way.

If anything eventuates, I’ll be sure to let you all know!

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Well, you've already got the face for it...


I'm sorry - I couldn't resist! :)