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Planning a Facelift

The fact that the current IMAGinES website design doesn't look as good in Firefox/Netscape as it does in Internet Explorer has been bugging me recently. I found (well, made, mainly by ignoring chores) myself some time over the past couple of days to do a bit of investigation and a bit of fiddling with HTML, and I'm starting to come up with a design that I like.

So far I have only designed the front page (it has a couple of issues in IE, but they're not deal-breakers so I might just leave them as is). It uses the same basic colour scheme; on one hand, it's a little boring, but on the other, I do appreciate its ease of design.

What I really like is that I've managed to correct a long-standing fault with the old design (regardless of browser); if I have just a few or no current posts, the right hand bar sprawls across the whole screen, looking ugly and horrid. In the new design, the right-hand bar is now broken into two bars on either side of the main text, Log (Categories, Search, Syndicate, Details, etc.) and Links (well, duh), and each stays right where it is even if the main section's empty.

Of course, this gives me another excuse to be lazy when it comes to updates.

There'll be a new footer section with the Link of the Moment, and a new Category archiving previous Links of the Moment. Basically, it's my opportunity to indulge the odd urge to let everyone know about a kewl site I've just stumbled across. Not to worry; as I said, it's a footer, so you can avoid the bottom of the page and ignore my gratuitous link-whoring to your heart's content.

So when will the update be live? I'm not sure. I've just finished the rough of the front page; I need to look at the rest of the standard site pages (monthly archive, category, and individual entry) and decide how I'm going to fit the new design to them. I also want to implement the design concurrently with upgrading to MT3.0 and incorporating some anti-comment-spam measures I've been looking at.

Not to mention doing all of the above (bar the redesign, of course) to Vickie's log.

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