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Warriors of the Kara-Thenn Craftworld

Speaking of Dawn of War, I've been doing a little more monkeying around in Paint Shop Pro (with thanks to some instruction from the Relic Entertainment Forums) and have finally come up with a personalised logo and banner for my Eldar army.

Eldar Guardians of the Kara-Thenn Craftworld

You can't see the logo too well on these guys (it's on their left shoulderplate), but the Dark Reapers don't have such restricted fashion sense (even if they do prefer black):

Kara-Thenn Dark Reapers

The elven ladies of the Howling Banshees are a little more, shall we say, up-front in declaring their allegiance:

Kara-Thenn Howling Banshees

Careful with those stares, lads; she mightn't be able to put an eye out with those, but that's no butter knife in her hand!

Also seen showing the love was this Falcon Anti-Gravity Tank:

Kara-Thenn Falcon

And its launching platform was no slouch either:

Kara-Thenn Support Platform

The actual Craftworld banner can be seen atop this comm station:

Kara-Thenn Battle Standard

So if you see this distinctive logo on the battlefield, you'll know who you're up against! :-D

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