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The Saga of the Notebook

If you know me, then you'll know I like to carry at least one notebook around with me so that I can jot ideas down as they come to me for future use in campaigns, stories and, yes, posts to this very web log. Not so long ago, there was a long period where I carried no less than two 300-leaf notebooks with me almost everywhere; one for general notes and the other specifically for the 25th Black Talon: The Corsairs campaign.

Unfortunately, since moving in here at Gordonvale, I've not found my general notebook anywhere. It's a right bugger, that; there's a year-or-so's worth of ideas for the mining. Also, it measn I have nothing to write any new ideas down on. No, I won't use the Corsairs notebook; it is sacrosanct, to be taken of the shelf if and only if I can get another Heavy Gear campaign off the ground (and I do ralise it may be sitting on that shelf for quite some time yet).

Thus, I have quested to find myself a new notebook. There seems a paucity of places that sell a range of notebooks here - at least within convenient driving distance, anyway. And the new job only has the full-size A4 jobs; I can't pilfer the odd one or two as I did at the old job. (Hey, they wanna save costs by outsourcing and cancelling bonuses, I'll feel less guilty about a $2 notebook.) I did find an anorexic 100-leaf notebook at the local IGA, but found it - how can I put this? - unsatisfying.

Then today, I went into the newsagent at the Mount Sheridan shopping centre, where I chanced upon this little darling. My previous notebooks were fairly cumbersome top spiral jobs that could not be conveniently put into a jacket pocket; this one, even if thicker by 100 leaves, is so much more convenient, and there's just somethign very attractive about the side-binding instead of the top-binding. It's like those little leather-bound notebooks they sell at art stores for $80 a pop (marketed as the favoured notepad of such luminaries as Ernest Hemmingway) but with many more pages and much less wanky. I can't wait to start filling it with ideas for stories (that I'll probably never write) and games (that I'll probably never run).

Yes, I am too enthused about a notebook. So what?

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Try Esford Exotics, they've some very nice looking stuff: http://www.esford.com/exoticspaper.htm

The fact they also sell some very nice swords has nothing to do with me reccomending them, nooooo... :)

Hmm. Now them's be mighty impressive. Sort of thing you'd want to use as a character journal for D&D or some such.

Don't worry sweetheart, I have about 12 or 12 notebooks, all with different things in them, not including my art diaries, and if I see on that is partularily cute, I will buy it, even if all the other aren't full yet