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April 05 Update

Okay, little overdue for an update, website looked like crap for a little while. Still gotta fix that soon. Anyway: on with the update!

Firstly, things are looking up on the work front. Right about the time we got socked with some rather largish bills that would have otherwise depleted our reserves, Centrelink announced that the contacts of the temp crews (including yours truly) will be extended out to June. Concurrent with that announcement was the news that our existing hours were incorrect; we should be working from 8 AM to 4 PM instead of to 4.30 like everyone else (well, everyone else gets shifting schedules, but they only work seven and a half hours per day as opposed to our eight). We keep our existing hours until the end of April, as those were the terms negotiated with the employment agency, but after that, the contract extension will see us work two-and-a-half hours less per week.

I'm still kind of hoping that I might wind up wth a more permanent job there after the extension ends, but I am trying to keep my eyes open for other work (although it's a little tricky to look when you only get a half hour for lunch).

You may be glad to know that our dog Zelda is responsible for me getting more exercise than I have in a while. I've actually taken to walking her twice a day - well, she only got walked once today. But Zelda's decided that walking just isn't fast enough; it's a rare walk that she doesn't grab the lead with her teeth and try to get me to pick up the pace!

I'm glad of the exercise, as working at the Centrelink call centre is pretty much a sit-down job.

On a loosely related topic, I think I mentioned that colleague of mine who suggested a local talent agency as a possibility for some voice work. She also reckoned I ought to get in touch with a local community radio station, gave me their number and even told the manager to expect a call! Being not one to disappoint (often, anyway), I called, and I'll be getting together with him this Thursday after work to talk about how I can get involved with the station! It'll probably be on a volunteer basis, but it'll be something different, and hopefully open up a new door or two.

Back to the topic of bills, I've known that we have to get our Argenta registered locally for a while, but thought we had a bit of grace time. It turns out, as I discovered when I checked the Queensland Transport website during the week, that we are in fact almost two months over the two-week grace period (from when the car becomes permanently garaged in Queensland). So, a frantic booking of safety checks has ensued, and hopefully by the end of this coming week Argenta should be fully registered as a Queensland vehicle! (It'll just mean we're a couple of days late in paying the $300 broadband bill.)

We're still trying to budget for the finishing of the kitchen. The new cupboards and counters are in, and Vickie was just saying again today how much she loves her new pantry cupboard, but the walls are still in a state. Also, we still need a new power point in the front computer room and probably a little recabling to boot. Going in to the Cairns Post Home and Garden Expo last weekend was great; we came away with quite a bit of info on what we could get done and how much it might cost. (We also came away with a coffee grinder, Max Payne 2 for the PC and Crimson Skies: High Road To Revenge for the Xbox, but that's another matter.) So, yeah, another reason to get some permanent work soon!

As you could probably tell from some of the recent posts, I've been playing a fair bit of the real time strategy game Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War in the past couple of weeks. I haven't been doing it so much last week (trying to spend a bit more quality time with my Vickie), but I'm hoping it can be a semi-regular (if not too regular) thing, as it's kept me in touch with Tony Mac (friend from the old job) and Boots in Sydney. Now if only Gav could get a copy... ;-) Just kidding, Gav!

The RPG front has been fairly slow. I've found at least one other RPGer over on the Far North Queensland Gamer's Lounge, a forum more for computer gamers and LAN-heads than dice & pencils types, I've met with Steve Darlington's mate Scott Lette, I've organised the first get-together of the Cairns Meetup Group (and splashed out on Primetime Adventures shortly after landing the Centrelink job), but since the last of those milestones was passed (back in arnd early March) the car's pulled over at the motel for a while. The second Meetup didn't really happen, one of the Group members has gone to Sydney (whether on holiday or permanently, I'm not sure) and Scott's going to be getting out of town sometime in the next few months. So, it's going slowly and not too surely, but it's still enough to give Vickie and I some hope of getting a game going.

For all you folks asking for pics of the new place, I can only apologise again for the delay. I'll be getting the lawn mowed tomorrow. and if the digital camera will stop chewing through batteries at a scary rate (for some odd reason it's now decided that two AAs are good for a few photos and a single upload to the PC before running out of juice) I might be able to get some photos taken.

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I already have a copy of Dawn of War...

On the other hand I could say it is you who doesn't posses Rome: Total War... :)

And you were plannign on telling me this when? :-D

Seriously, though, last I heard was that you didn't have a copy and weren't sure exactly when you would.

So when'd you fancy a match-up?