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Live at Five (past Five)

Yes, indeed, folks: If you were in the Cairns area this evening with an FM radio tuned into 89.1 FM between just after the five o'clock regional news and before six, you would have heard the voice of yours truly coming out of your speakers! There was a little uncertainty as to what I was meant to be doing when I got there (no one talks to anyone these days), but Trish and (I think) Pat (I'm very sorry if I got that wrong!) at Cairns Community Radio were more than willing to let me have a turn on the mike.

The show was Reading for the Print Handicapped, which selects articles from the day's Cairns Post to be read out for those who have trouble reading. The articles were read in clockwise order, and the ladies were very impressed with me; it looks like I'm part of the regular slot from five to six on Thursday nights!

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Congratulations, Rob! Nicely done! Something else to keep you out of trouble for a few minutes. We think. ;)

Gees, you keep this up and you'll soon be ready to read the funnies!