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Warhammer 40,000: Eldar Miniatures

After playing a little more Dawn of War with Boots today, I started trying to remember some of the elements of the paper game; specifically, which of the Eldar Aspect Warriors don't appear in Dawn of War. I readily remembered the Dire Avengers, a souped-up version of the basic Guardian foot trooper, but couldn't remember whether there were more.

This afternoon, the name "Striking Scorpion" came to me, something to do with close combat. I did a Google search and turned up Peter Kofler's wonderful web page with pictures of almost all the miniatures available to the Eldar. I realised that, not only had I forgotten the Scorpions, but also the Fire Dragons and the Swooping Hawks. Also, it seems that another Aspect has been added since I stopped paying attention to the Warhammer 40,000 army lists some years ago: a vehicle-based Aspect known as the Shining Spear.

Actually, forget all the above blathering; just go and have a look. The paint jobs on these miniatures are fantastic (I have the feeling the pics are scans from Games Workshop books and magazines). While you're at it, check out the other sides from Dawn of War; specifically, the Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines and (it now belongs to da) Orks. (Not to mention all the other sides available in 40K!)

You can see why I was contemplating getting back into 40K before I decided moving to Cairns would be the better idea...

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Hey Rob,

I've got a bunch of old (badly/semi painted) Eldar 40K minis I'm doing nothing with - pay postage and you're welcome to them.


Hahahahahaha! Oh, Gav, thank you very much, but most definitely no! I sold almost all my minis and definitely all my paints and painting gear before I moved to Cairns, so getting back into the hobby would be rather prohibitive, especially right now!

Besides, don't I already have enough to do with my time? :-D