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Wiki on the Way

Well, after the semi-success of the Lexicon game I ran on my Wiki before the server move, I've had some players badgering me (you know who you are) on a regular basis for another game. In turn, I've been badgering Marcus to re-establish the Wiki software on the server.

We briefly discussed whether to re-use the MoinMoin engine (which powered Allen Varney's Paranoia Lexicon, but Marcus has stumbled across another engine called WikiWig, which, while not as well documented, apperas a bit more user-friendly than MoinMoin.

I'm fiddling with it at the moment to get a better handle on it, and will make it publicly available soon.

[UPDATE 7 May 2005:] Well, I had a fiddle, and unfortunately came away very unimpressed. About the only features in WikiWig are the user login feature and the page editor. That's all. There is absolutely no user-documentation available; none of the modules available within MoinMoin (templates, macros, searches) which are almost vital when running a Lexicon game are present. Not only that, the default text formatting comes out misaligned for no apparent reson when viewed using Firefox.

So, even though it might not be quite as user-friendly as WikiWig, I've asked Marcus to uninstall it and set MoinMoin back up. I'll let you know as soon as I have more info.

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I"m in!