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Our First Houseguest?

So Vickie and I were on the front driveway at around two, talking with some friends who'd just dropped some lemons and limes over to us (Vickie wants to start making jars of preserved fruit), when this big guy:


... comes strolling up along the footpath and says hello. And when I say big, I mean huge. We don't have any photos of him with one of us so you can get an idea of size, but we reckon he's forty-five, fifty kilos easy. And to top it all off, friendly as you please.

So we all give him a bit of cosseting, and check him for council or personal ID tags: none whatsoever. After our friends leave, Vickie and I head back along the footpath in the direction he'd come from, hoping to find his house (he followed along quite happily). Although the front gate of the neighbouring house on the corner of the Highway was open, nobody was about, and there wasn't anyone further up the road looking like they were suddenly missing a big lug of a dog.

We brought him back to our place and trotted straight into the dog run once Vickie opened the gate for him, happy as Larry. Zelda was quite excited, having someone of her species to finally talk with, and he liked the attention. When we've had them together, they've been horsing around like mad. At the moment, we have Zelda in the backyard and him in the dog run, so he can have a bit of a break from Little Miss Energy. (She's barking at him like she wants his undivided attention, though.)

We've stuck a sign up out the front and in the Caltex servo. We've also called the Council after-hours line, the local Young Animal Protection Society and the RSPCA, and so far no one has reported him missing. If no one claims him by tomorrow, Vickie will take him to the local vet and see whether he's on their books or been microchipped. And if he does stay overnight, that'll make him our very first houseguest! (His manners are great, aside from all the slobber.)

Vickie and I figure someone will be along to pick him up soon; even though he's untagged, he's very well taken care of. No one could not love a dog like him.

But if no one picks him up, we're thinking of calling him Bruno...

[UPDATE: 8.50PM] Well, Bruno (as we've taken to calling him) is still here. No calls from the Council, the RSPCA, YAPS or anyone who got our number from them. I'm starting to think Bruno's owner lets him roam because he always comes back of an evening. I also think he's starting to get agitated, it being (presumably) the first night he's spent away from home.

We have a rough idea of the direction he came from, though. After we took Bruno and Zelda for a walk this evening (a trial in and of itself), we walked with him in the general direction he came from, and at least twice he tried to head toward the Bruce Highway as though he wanted to cross.

Based on that, our best guess right now is that he's from somewhere on the Whyreema Estates where Vickie's son Karl lives. Karl dropped over earlier, though, and said he'd never seen the dog before (and Karl is a dog lover). It's still a fairly large housing area up there, so tomorrow evening we'll try walking the great galoot around there and see if anyone recognises him. I'll put a couple of signs up beforehand as well.

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Gees, you don't find them small, do you? From the looks of things, you might have better luck putting a saddle on him and riding him over. ;)

Good luck.

Stupid question, but what are you going to do if you can't find his owner?