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His name's Dozer.

And his owner picked him up not half an hour ago. Turns out Dozer lives a few houses behind the Caltex, with his owner, Mark, the wife and two young girls who've been missing him terribly.

Mark reckons the Doze has a tendency to go walking, so we've given him our number (and taken his) should that dopey mutt ever go walkies again.

We've also told Mark that if he ever needs a place to put Dozer for a while, he's welcome here.

So that story has a happy ending, thankfully! :-D

(As a side note, our original weight estimate seems off by a few kilos. Vickie called the vet's this morning, and Lourgina who works there had also seen him wandering around. She estimated his mass by eye at between seventy and eighty kilos.)

(Considering how the suspension on Mark's 4WD/ute dropped when the big lunk got into the caged flatbed, I'd believe it...)

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Gees, he weighs as much as I do! *lol* No jumping up and licking your face for that one, I'm sure.