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i'm alive!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me be honest here: I don't know how the hell I survived today. I am talking about survival in the literal, physical sense here. You are reading the words of a person who has found a new appreciation for the sheer experience of being alive.

You see, this morning, I pulled a work shirt out of the wardrobe without really looking at it. It was short-sleeved, it was crease-free: good enough. I got dressed, did the rest of my final pre-departure preparations, got into the car and drove to work.

Half way there, I was listening to the morning crews on the local radio stations talking about tonight's Origin match, and I realised what I had done to risk my life so:

My work shirt was blue.

So I get to work, and there's not only a preponderance of maroon tops, but also one of the teams is actually inflating maroon balloons as well.

But somehow - ask me not how, for a clue have I not - I got through the day unharassed and unmolested.

It could have been the fact that the woman I let in ahead of me was not only wearing a blue top, but an actual New South Wales rugby jersey.

I don't remember seeing her on the way out. Admittedly, I wasn't exactly looking for her, but still...

I tell you what, though: If New South Wales gets the first two and I front up at work in a blue shirt on the day of match three, it will be painful and horribly slow.

(Those overseas readers who have no idea of what I write should click here.)

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