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The Wiki Is Back!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to announce the return of the IMAGinES Wiki! That's right, thanks to the easy-to-set-up MySQL database feature on the marvellous server Marcus set his hosting service up on (goddamn genius, that man) and the incredibly easy-to-install MediaWiki (which the RPGnet folks have been using to power their wiki), I was able to get a working wiki going!

Now, those of you who were a little turned off by having to learn the old wiki's markup will be glad to know that, while the markup itself is largely the same, the page editor has a nice little toolbar across the top that allows you to modify text as though you were using a word processor. It's not WYSIWYG, and things like hyperlinks take a little more time, but all is still good!

So sometime soon, we might have another Lexicon game, and if I have any luck getting a planned Primetime Adentures game going with my Sydney crew across the Web, I plan to use the wiki to store and develop the show bible and episode guide!

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Slight change in URL, folks (the old one was http://imagines.herstik.com/wiki/). Basically, I managed to change a file that I shouldn't have, so my previous installation decided it didn't want to know. Chalk it up to the learning process...