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I Don't Want Fries With That

You may already be aware of this, but the Austalian branch of McDonald's, who has bought its potatoes entirely from the Simplot company in Tasmania for the past several years, has recently decided to halve the amount of spuds it buys locally for its local branches, instead buying from McCain, who will supply potatoes from overseas. Tasmanian farmers are already protesting.

Vickie and I were thinking of boycotting Macca's; hell, we've not been buying from there in a while anyway (most of our fast food purchases have been from Red Rooster lately), but someone had a better idea: next time you go to Macca's, simply don't order fries! That way, you're keeping the cattle farmers and the young 'uns behind the counter in work while still making your displeasure known the only way that a company can understand!

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