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Wikis and Folder Permissions

On the general topic of wikis in today's news post, we had some trouble with mine not long after I got the Media Wiki application set up and running. The files and folders from some of the previous attempts were still present, and a lot of the folders were refusing to be deleted. Apparently, this was due to some of the rights Marcus had to give the folders while he was figuring out how to make the various applications I threw at him work, so when I pointed the problem out, he went through and changed the folder permissions so I could scrub them.

The only problem was that access to the public folder that the IMAGinES web log files were stored in had also suddenly become blocked. It took a bit of fiddling with permissions to get access back again, but it looked as though in the meantime the folder that Iíd set the wiki up in had been emptied. I donít remember doing it, and I believe I was careful enough to scrub everything else barring that folder, but I could well have inadvertently deleted the contents.

So, I recreated the /wiki/ subfolder and set everything up in there again. I didnít have a usable backup to work from, but thankfully I was able to recreate the contents (what few there were) quite quickly.

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