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RIP Joyce Maloney

I had a phone call from Dad after I got in from work today. After her condition progressively deteriorated over the past few days, my Nan, my Mum's Mum, Joyce Maloney, finally passed away in her sleep at around midday today. My aunt, Nan's daughter Trish, was with her at the time.

As I think I mentioned a few posts ago, it's been a hard few years for my family. Nan took Mum's death particularly hard, which probably didn't help her condition any. However, I'll always remember her as the quiet, yet bright woman who put Mum, Dad and I up while we looked for a home of our own after we emigrated to Australia. Nan had a strong heart; she loved her family and her home rugby league team, the Balmain Tigers. She taught me that, no matter where you lived in the metropolitan area, Sydney was always "town".

I miss you, Nan. I love you.

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