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In London

One thing I've not posted about are the recent bombings in London, mainly because I didn't really want to - for want of a better phrase, impinge on those events. Although I wish the best to those who were lost and those who had lost in those explosions, I didn't want to detract from that loss with any knee-jerk cliched displays of sympathy.

But when the news of what appear to be another round of attacks came in, I couldn't help but think of my trips to the UK in 1996 and 2003.

In 1996, the IRA parked a truck bomb outside Manchester's main shopping centre. Mum, Dad and I had been there in 1995 for Christmas, and the bomb went off on a street we'd been up and down many times. Heck, my aunt Heather was actually in Manchester when the bomb went off; if I remember, she was in the other end of the shopping centre.

In 2003, Vickie and I went to the UK so that Vickie could meet my UK family. We of course made a quick trip to London, and one of the first things Vickie said after the bombs went off a few weeks ago was that that was the area we'd been travelling around. Had our timing been different, that could've been us.

But you know what my thought was? The effect on the financial situation aside, why do these bombers think they could achieve anything in terms of influencing the sympathy of the British public for the war effort, when the IRA's long campaign of terror in Ireland and on the English mainland didn't achieve their goals? They must have been desparately insane.

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