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It's Official: I'm A Husband

As some of you already know, I'm trying to get a game or two of Primetime Adventures running across the Web, ideally using Skype so that we can actually chat rather than using keyboards. Unfortunately, myself and some of my players-to-be have had life sneak up on them lately, so I've been trying to re-schedule for a time when, hopefully, everything has calmed down for everyone.

I sent the following e-mail out last night:

    From: "Rob Farquhar"
    To: PtA Show 1 Players
    Sent: Friday, July 22, 2005 10:08 PM
    Subject: Primetime Adventures: What's Happening

    Hi, folks,

    Just a quick update e-mail to let everyone know what's going on.

    Firstly, it looks as though the year is throwing us all a few curves at the moment. Nick's moved and has no home Internet yet, and Lauren and I are doing overtime. It looks as though my Grand Plan to get a game up and running quickly has been pretty much scotched! :-)

    At this stage, we'll probably have to wait until mid-August before we can get anything going. So to book a time in advance, is Saturday, August 13th or Sunday, August 14th okay for everyone?



Looks okay, right? A weekend a few weeks from now, plenty of notice, should be safe?

Vickie replied with:

    Subject: Re: Primetime Adventures: What's Happening
    Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 23:04:28 +1000
    From: Vickie Farquhar
    To: Rob Farquhar, PtA Show 1 Players

    Umm Rob dear,

    Have you forgotten why Sunday August 14th is a NO, NO for gaming?...well for more than 2 that is. <g>


You know, I'd been priding myself on the fact that I knew precisely the date of our anniversary, but when I was writing my e-mail not once did an alarm-bell go off at the back of my mind, no warnings of, "Er, Rob, you have the first annual celebration of a very imoprtant occasion on that Sunday!"

I must be a husband now, eh? :-D

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Nevermind...you're allowed ONE slip.

What - one per anniversary or one ever?