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Green Thumb, Sore Back

Hello all! I noticed the main page is getting a little sparse. When the right-hand column spreads out across the bottom of the screen, I know I'm overdue to put an update on here. Speaking of the site, you've probably noticed a few minor tweaks; the removal of the calendar on the main page, some re-categorising of the links and the other odd bit and piece of "optimisation" here and there. Hope you like; if you have any strenuous objections on the grounds of aesthetic appeal or functional impairment, please let me know, won't you?

Well, we had a pretty good day yesterday; Dan and Lesley's kids didn't give Vickie and I much trouble. We got home at about eleven, and pretty much collapsed.

Of course, there's no rest for the wicked; with an inspection by the the real estate agent tomorrow, we spent the day in the garden, making sure it's ship-shape.

A fair bit of the work was cutting the long grass; a month or so ago, the head of our last line trimmer (the third we've bought) dropped off. It looks as through a screw or bolt just vibrated itself loose and fell into the grass (where we can't find it), and although we got a replacement from a mower store in Hornsby last week, it still vibrates loose. Tightening the cuff around the collar where the head meets the shaft of the line trimmer doesn't seem to help. In the meantime, the long grass has just got longer, especially out on the grass verge.

I tried taking the trimmer to the authorised Ryobi repair place on Friday - I was dropping the car off at Kmart for a rego check - but I forgot to put the damned thing's head in with it. With the car in for service, I couldn't go back later, so in desparation, we hired a petrol line trimmer from Kennards this morning. It's done the job well, and Vickie and I have mowed the lawn into neatness. I also hacked away at our path and driveway with the lawn edger; I tell you what, that's one exhausting tool to use. You're cruched over it, shoving it back and forth, hacking away at the grass over-growing the pathway's edge... you have to stand up and take a breather every twenty seconds.

Well, I had to. Mustn't be fit.

So, tomorrow morning, I need to drop the petrol trimmer off at Kennards; I think I'll take our Ryobi in for service as well. We're pretty sure it's under warranty, but we can't find the actual warranty certificate, so I'll probably pay for any repairs.

Which means, between service and rego for Madam Lash, it's going to be a pretty tight month for us until mid-May. We pay rent fortnightly and I'm only paid monthly, you see; April is going to be one of the dreaded triple-hit rent months, when I get three rent withdrawals between paycheques.

Still, the good news is that Brook, one of Vickie's grand-daughters, coming up from Melbourne on the third; she's staying for the Easter school holidays. This is her first time in Sydney, so we'll be showing her all the sights. It's been suggested I get the folks together and run a roleplaying session for her while she's here; it's a tempting thought. (Another convert!) I'm thinking that if I'm going to run anything, it'll be Dan Bayn's A Wushu Guide to The Matrix: it's rules-light (i.e. easy to pick up), fast and I have little doubt that Brook's familiar with the premise and setting. Plus, Dan's already written a couple of adventures for it, so I don't have to do much development.

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