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When Weesa Be Gettin' Lightsabres?

The first session of Gav's Star Wars: Jedi Academy campaign ran last night at our place. It was a nice, relaxed session with more geek chat than gaming, but as we were all relaxing into place, it wasn't a big deal. Besides, Gav intended it to be more of a loose, training game so we could all get our first Jedi level before venturing out into the wide galaxy. It was a little different being a Gungan Soldier. (Up at 0600: "Meesa wakey, Sarge! Meesa... Oh, no-sa bein' in Boot any more.")

Anyway, I've got to make this short, as Vickie and I are dashing off to Dan and Lesley's; they have to attend a wedding today and need the kids baby sat.

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